We Got a Street-Legal Ice Resurfacer!

At the Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services, we make a point of saying we’ll take any vehicle.

We mean it.

And, we’ve just proved it again. In fact, we’ve just received our most exotic donation ever: America’s only street-legal Ice Resurfacer.

Check this out!


Ok, really... want to SEE an ice machine drive at high speed on the highway? We thought so. Check it out here.

Car Talk recently spoke with generous ice resurfacer donor and Minnesota Public Radio member, Daniel Bourgeois, a.k.a., “Icemaker Dan.” Dan has over 30 years in the ice resurfacing business and owns the Cold Rod Transportation Company. He’s the genius behind the world’s only street-legal ice machine!

Car Talk: Tell us about this ride!
Daniel: Well, it’s probably the only ice resurfacer that you’ll ever see that could drive on the road. Seriously, the drivetrain came out of a 1984 Chevy pickup with a V-8 and four-wheel drive.

Car Talk: And you made an ice resurfacer road-worthy because… ?
Daniel: Okay, here’s the scoop. Everyone loves ice resurfacer and they want to ride in them. So I thought, why not start a business of doing just that? So, I started Cold Rod. [LINK to coldrod.com] We ride in parades, ferry wedding parties from the church to the reception. What more could a hockey fan want then to drive in a ice resurfacer on their wedding day?!

Car Talk: Great idea!
Daniel: It was a great idea! But, from a business perspective, it was a hairbrained move.

Car Talk: Why?
Daniel: At one time, I had the grandiose idea of hooking up with the Hockey Hall of Fame and starting an ice resurfacer Museum with them. But not being financially independent myself, that fell through. Then a few years ago, we had the national drafts for NHL hockey here in town. I parked the machine out front and all the team owners had to walk by it but can you believe it, no one made me an offer! I’ve had tire kickers from as far away as Finland. Turns out ice resurfacers are not a gold mine.

Car Talk: So… Why MPR?
Daniel: I’m a regular listener to a Prairie Home Companion, Car Talk, NPR news and the local MPR shows. The ice resurfacer is not my first vehicle donation to public radio, either. A few years ago, I donated a 1986 Mercedes Benz 560 SL Coupe.

Car Talk: Wow. Thanks for your generosity! It’s a truism but stations cannot produce the high-quality shows they do, without people like you.
Daniel: Public radio is one of my favorite things. When I think of charitable giving, I think of public radio. I think everyone should listen. I’m a huge fan!

Car Talk: Okay, this next question is VERY important. We have a bet going at Car Talk Plaza. How fast will it go?
Daniel: It’s fast. Very fast. I’ve had it on the highway doing 75 mph. Really. It’s got a backup alarm, horn, and seat belts for 12.

Car Talk: Dang, we all owe Ray a cappuccino! How’s the handling?
Daniel: Well, it’s no Mercedes coupe! But I think it’s more dangerous for other drivers. They’re on the Interstate, hanging out of their windows, trying to take pictures of the machine. They were sticking their phones out the sunroof! Crazy.

Car Talk: You’re first person to donate an ice resurfacer to public broadcasting. Congratulations!
Daniel: Thanks! I want everyone to listen to public radio so if the ice resurfacer can bring some attention to the great programs there, that’s the whole point.


What would YOU do with an ice resurfacer? Share your ideas here.